How To Divide A Large PDF File Into Smaller Files

During the present time Portable Document Format is the most popular file format for any computer user to represent documents in an independent manner. It provides us a much better platform for document creation and handling them. We can use this format to create eBooks, business reports, various documents, graphs, brochures and many other items. It is the only format in which the file looks exactly same as it looks on paper. In comparison with other file format it is better in many ways, such as: easy creation, best source for printing jobs, easily shared or transferred over the internet, compressed file size, supports file security feature, and many more.

PDF files are mostly used to exchange the data from one place to another by internet. Due to their compressed file size and excellent transmission speed they have become the best source for file sharing. But sometimes while sharing or uploading a large PDF file on the internet we can face some issues. online pdf converter


  • If we are sending a large PDF file as an attachment via email then it will take much more time to be transferred.
  • If the size is excessively large then surely we can’t attach it to our mail as there must be a size limit.
  • Sometimes while transferring or uploading a file over the internet it can be corrupted or damaged and hence the data will be lost.
  • We can come across some errors while downloading or uploading a big PDF file if the network connection is weak or somehow lost.


To avoid these unwanted problems we can divide our big PDF file into several smaller files. By doing this we can easily send them via email or upload them. The small sized files are very secure to share over the internet. They will take very less time in transferring, uploading and downloading. But now the question is “how to divide a large PDF file into smaller files”. This action can be easily done by using the Adobe Acrobat program or a third-party PDF splitter.

There is an inbuilt function of splitting large files into smaller ones in Adobe Acrobat application. But to use this function we must have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, i.e. it’s free version doesn’t enable us to use this function. The following steps are required to split a large PDF file into smaller ones:


  1. First we need to Open our PDF file which we want to split.
  2. Check its file size by changing the View Menu to Details.
  3. Now from the Menu Bar select DocumentsPagesExtract.
  4. A very short window screen “Extract Pages” will appear, i.e. from *** to ***.
  5. We need to enter the pages which we want to remove from the file.
  6. After that click on OK. [Note: Don’t click on the box of “Delete Pages after Extraction”]
  7. The selected pages have been removed from the file.
  8. Now we need to save this new file with a new name and at any location.


The rest of the pages of the PDF file can be split in the same way as we split above. But there are some bad aspects of this solution like it can take much time to be completed and a lot of hard work is needed for this. And if we don’t have the full version of Adobe Acrobat then we can’t execute this action of splitting. In that circumstance we can use a third-party PDF Splitter. It can help us to split a large PDF file into multiple smaller files. But first we must check the demo version of the tool before buying it. And always create backup for files before using any solution, i.e. manual and third-party tool.


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