Understanding the Power of PDF Documents

In today’s business environment, where sharing, collaborating and co-coordinating various activities across the globe has become an integral part of large and small organizations, the Portable Document Format (PDF) file has become the most important tool for doing so. We will look at some of the reasons behind the popularity of the PDF format.

Though many offices still use and are comfortable with the power of other formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on, they all recognize that when it comes to portability, flexibility and most importantly, delivery of content in the manner it was created – there is only file format that leads the pack, PDF files. It is not surprising therefore that many users now create their documents in the format they are comfortable with and convert them later to PDF files so that they can share the information with their colleagues and customers. (Powerful PDF recovery tools make it simpler to protect PDF data by allowing you to easily repair these files that do get damaged regardless of what format they were originally created in.)

However, an increasing number of organizations and individuals are recognizing the power and versatility of the PDF file and trying to create documents purely in this format. You can manage any amount of data by means of PDF documents. You can choose the particular font type, color and size that you want. You could also incorporate images, photos and other graphics. It is easy to include columns, charts and many other helpful data that can add to the presentation of the content. In fact, you can even include a watermark so that the contents of the file are not misused. The biggest advantage of the PDF file is that whatever the structure and format you have given to the contents, you can be sure that every user who opens the PDF file views the contents in the exact same way.

Quite obviously if you would like the appearance of any document to remain intact regardless of which platform or browser it is being viewed on, you would be well-advised to create the document in a PDF format. If you already have a document in Word or Excel, you could also quickly convert it into a PDF file – you will be surprised to see how smaller and efficient the resulting file is. If the conversion happens to damage the file to any extent, you can use powerful recovery tools to quickly repair PDF file. eps to tiff converter”

You can also run compression algorithms on the file that you have created and reduce the size of any heavy images or graphics that may be used. This reduces the size of the file further and ensures that your users can quickly download the file even if they are using a slow connection. Finally, it is easy to encrypt the PDF file ensuring maximum security for all the sensitive data that you may be storing in the document and possibly sharing across the Internet. You could use any of the techniques such as digital signatures, certificates or passwords for doing so.

The increasing use of PDF files has meant that more and more data is being stored in these files and shared across networks. This also increases the chances of the files getting corrupted during transit, due to virus attacks or sudden hardware failures. You can protect your PDF files from any major data loss by using third-party tools for PDF Repair that allow you to repair these files and restore data in the same structure – text and images – as the original file.


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